EtherWin X300
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Rules of EtherWinХ300 blockchain lottery
therWin team • September 11, 2018

Rules of EtherWinХ300 blockchain lottery

Lottery ticket price range – 0,005 - 0,05 ETH

Recommended Gas Limit – not less than 149047 units

Recommended Gas Price – 5-10 gwei

The maximum cost of all tickets participating in one draw (in one block) is 0.5 ETH

Lottery prize fund – no less than 91,875% of the funds collected from ticket sales.

To participate in EtherWinX300 lottery, visit

ATTENTION! Do not buy another lottery ticket, before the transaction with the ticket you bought before has been included in the block! If you do this, the purchase of a new ticket (transaction) will be automatically canceled.

«Block Num (N)» – a block number in the Ethereum blockchain, in which a transaction (a purchase of a lottery ticket) has been included.

«result Block (N+1)» – the block in which the lottery draw result is determined.

A lottery draw is conducted on each Block of Ethereum blockchain, every 14-15 seconds on average.

You can check the result of the lottery by using the following table (to do this, compare the last hash symbol of the "result block (N + 1)" and the corresponding value in the “Winnings” row).


Hash symbol 0 - 8 99** a b c d e f
Winnings* X0 JP** x1.5 x1.5 x1.5 x2 x2 x3

* multiply the ticket’s cost to the corresponding X number to determine your prize

** if the hash string ends with 99 you’ve just won jackpot!

If the last hash symbol of the «result Block (N+1)» is either a, b, c, d, e, or f, or two last hash symbols are “99”, than this ticket’s getting a prize according to the table.

The lottery has a progressive jackpot. The jackpot is divided among all the tickets in the winning block. The jackpot exceed the ticket price by an average of 50 times - X50. The minimum possible value of the jackpot for each winning ticket is X25. The maximum prize size isn’t predetermined and depends only on the frequency of jackpots occurring. You can check the current jackpot size at

In the case of a win, the user must independently request a prize at

ATTENTION! It is possible to request a prize after 12 confirmations of the «Block Num (N)» block in Ethereum network.

The winnings are then transferred to the address from which the winning ticket was purchased.

Table of winning odds:

Odds 1 to 4,3 (18,75% 1 to 7 (12,5%) 1 to 15 (6,25%) 1 to 255 (0,39%)
Prize X1 (from a ticket price) X2 X3 from X25 to X100 and more jackpot
ATTENTION! By taking part in the lottery, you agree to Terms and Conditions. You guarantee that at the time of purchase of the lottery ticket you are at least 18 years old; or you have reached a minimum age required to participate in the lottery provided by the laws of the country of your current residence.


RNG (random number generator)

To determine the result of a lottery draw, it is necessary to compare the last hash symbol of the «result Block (N+1)», with the corresponding value in the table of prizes. This operation is carried out by the lottery’s smart contract in an automatic mode, with no interventions from the organizers and developers.

Since the formation of a hash in a block is random for Ethereum blockchain, we can state that the result of the lottery draw is a completely random and independent event!